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S A M A E L United Forces
First dates for 2010 !

2009 has been a great year for S A M A E L and in order to start 2010 in the best possible way the band will play all the cancelled shows of the last tour as support of Paradise Lost. That « second legs » start in Sofia on the 12th of February, check the tour section for more details.


S A M A E L United Forces !

If you want to go deeper into the world of S A M A E L and be a bigger part of it you can join now the « S A M A E L United Forces ».

With a one year subscription :

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All you have to do is this :

1) Click Register in the menu of www.samaelunitedforces.com

2) Fill the "Register an account" form and register

3) On the next page click Pay Now to be redirected on the PayPal page

4) Your account will be activated when the PayPal payment is accepted.

A new world is waiting for you, see you there !

Are you ready ? This is Black Hole!
The video clip for the song « Black Hole » has been posted on the S A M A E L’s MySpace page
Black Hole video clip
If your favourite video clip from S A M A E L is « Baphomet’s Throne » you’re going to love the new « Black Hole » video. It’s black and white with lots of live footages taken from the latest Swiss shows all mixed up with various designs and animations. It has been filmed and edited by Sergeï Ulyanov who happens to be the bass player of Makro’s death/doom metal band Sludge. We’ve tried to come up with something simple which would fit the intensity and aggressiveness of the song. The video is very dense and hard to digest at once…  you’ve been warned 
S A M A E L Above Europe !

S A M A E L will be main support for Metal-Goth originators Paradise Lost on their upcoming European tour.

11.11.09 : Roehre – Stuttgart, Germany

12.11.09 : Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany

13.11.09 : Columbia Club – Berlin, Germany

14.11.09 : Alte Feuerwache – Mannheim, Germany

15.11.09 : Backstage – Munich, Germany

16.11.09 : Garage – Saarbrucken, Germany

18.11.09 : Ringlokschuppen – Bielefeld, Germany

19.11.09 : Capitol – Hannover, Germany

20.11.09 : Glad-house- Cottbus, Germany

21.11.09 : E-Werk – Erlangen, Germany

22.11.09 : Markthalle – Hamburg, Germany

24.11.09 : The Rock – Copenhagen, Denmark

25.11.09 : Debaser – Stockholm, Sweden

26.11.09 : John Dee – Olso, Norway

28.11.09 : Brew House – Gothenburg, Sweden

29.11.09 : KB Halle – Malmo, Sweden

01.12.09 : Stodola – Warsaw, Poland

02.12.09 : Studio – Krakow, Poland

03.12.09 : Cultur Hall - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

04.12.09 : Hristo Botev Hall – Sofia, Bulgaria

05.12.09 : Boogaloo – Zagreb, Croatia

06.12.09 : Arena – Vienna, Austria

08.12.09 : Magazzini Generali – Milan, Italy

09.12.09 : Alpheus – Rome, Italy

10.12.09 : Salzhaus – Winterthur, Switzerland

11.12.09 : Philipshalle – Dusseldorf, Germany

12.12.09 : Kofmehl – Solothurn, Switzerland

14.12.09 : Le Transbordeur – Lyon, France

15.12.09 : Razzmatazz 2- Barcelona, Spain

16.12.09 : Sala Heineken, Madrid, Spain

17.12.09 : Rockstar – Bilbao, Spain

18.12.09 : Les Abattoirs – Cognac, France

19.12.09 : Elysee Montmartre – Paris, France

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